Eliminate grueling hours of puring through Amazon Settlement Reports




This is Journal Entry prepared for you from your Amazon Consolidated report.


Systematic sync of Amazon FBA consolidated reports.


Single button operation. “Submit” and your revenue and fees are properly recorded.


Preview complete fee breakdown before posting into your accounting system.


Match and reconcile Amazon payouts automatically down to the cent.


  • No need to download Amazon Reports
  • No need to convert to Excel sheet
  • Stop wasting time with number crunching  
  • Eliminate frustration with manual entries 
  • Save time mapping expense categories to your accounts once
  • Automatically match bank deposits without any errors 
  • See revenues, fees and gross profit on one easy to read dashboard
  • Get insights into your profitability on SKU level with assigned actual COGS


Amazon FBA to Accounting will automatically fetch your latest Amazon settlement report, analyze it, and prepare a full summarized validated journal entry record of revenue, with expenses and fees, to be processed into your accounting system.

SKU profitability

Instant and complete SKU profitability analysis

Reliable, accurate fee calculations including cost of goods sold

Understand your ROI and make confident product decisions

Start saving time

Avoid errors and save numerous hours trying to match Amazon deposits. Do it with single click on Amazon FBA to Accounting

Accurately record Amazon FBA sales and fees into your QuickBooks Online account

Reconcile Amazon settlements down to the penny every time you get paid

Record data accurately

Match complete Amazon reports or split into two reporting periods

Record sales as one total revenue amount or use the Integrated Sales module for individual sales receipts

Map your own specific chart of accounts for each fee and expense category


Here is some awesome client’s feedback

Now I do not need to convert to Excel sheets

I am accountant and have many clients who sell on Amazon. This wonderful app helps me to solve most difficult tasks easily and I have more time to deal with other tasks. Now I do not need to convert to Excel sheets, record all sales into one income account and record bank deposit. Furthermore, I can use my own chart of accounts. This is very convenient and time-saving tool. I do not regret I spent money for it.

Aaron G.

CPA, kenkrist

Amazing. Streamline Amazon Bookkeeping for good!

If you are a CPA or a DIY bookkeeper there is no doubt that this software will help streamline your books and your analysis or your business. The tool is simple and clean allowing you to configure your Amazon charges to your general ledger accounts and you are off to the races. Truly I have worked with a lot of software and this one has eliminated 2 I was using, plus probably about 3-4 hours monthly with my bookkeeper. Just the initial import of journal entries probably saved me an entire weekend of setup and troubleshooting. I must also mention the insane customer service. These guys are building a business for the future… After only paying for one month of service, I sent them an email recommending some features to analyze the data based on SKU or product category, and within minutes he contacted me looking for more info on exactly what I wanted and helping me to even better use his features. I am shocked and pleased with the service levels and this product. Fix your Amazon books with ease.


Amazon Seller

Possibly the best APP out for Amazon Accounting

The cost of this app is $29 a month to do your Amazon reconciliations. We were spending over $800 a month outsourcing bookkeepers to this for us. Secondly. it is super simple to connect to Amazon and QBO and will simplify your report with one click of a button. Last not least, the person who was helping me (Gennady) spent almost 1.5 hours explaining the best way to record my books and o my accounting even though nothing was going to benefit him. I AM THRILLED FOR EXCITED FOR THIS APP!!!


President, Onix Distribution, Inc.

Great app that really clearly lays it all out

This is the most thorough and detailed program available to actually be able to see where all your money is going in terms of Amazon. Amazon is very confusing and not very open with regard to what they are charging you for. This app streamlines it all and makes it so you can clearly see not only the amounts you are getting charged but also the percentages. The developer who created it was also very helpful when I had questions and suggestions as well. If you sell on Amazon I would highly recommend this app to be able to properly evaluate your business.

Sarah D.

Amazon Seller, Back to Nature, LLC